5e5516f9-92a7-44d6-aaa5-a6cb4e76cd34DHARMAJUNKIES is a group dedicated to waking up in our lives and being a benefit to the world.  With a base in meditation practice, we are committed to waking up in everyday life.  We are committed to supporting a non-reactivity and stability of mind that allows us to see beyond self-interest to a path forward for us all.  To be present, purposeful and caring despite the challenges of a modern world. Compassion in chaos, calm in the the storm and sanity in the midst of the craziness. One breath at a time.

Humanity stands at a juncture in this new millennia. Even as we habitually cling to vicious lineages of cruelty, we have the possibility of letting go into a life in tune with the planet and its societies.  These divergent currents seem to be in provocative confluence.  On one hand, it would be guileless not to concede the world is a dangerous place seemingly controlled by self interest and driven by greed.  However, if we don’t halt the warring within ourselves, our societies and our world, we will become the problem rather than the purpose.  We may become obsolete, another incomplete step on the evolution of consciousness.  And, as this point sharpens, the tendencies for protectionism will likely build. It is a sad irony that our survival mentality could be our undoing.  And, at some point, if humanity moves further out of balance with the needs of the planet, where would you place your bets?  Despite momentary material gains, the house ultimately wins.

Helping our world is no longer an option.  It is an imperative. But, how can we help the world, when we are unclear how to help ourselves?  How do we overcome our own protectionist tendencies, and begin to see a life outside of ourselves? How can we muster the strength to care for a world that often seems adversarial?

Once we meet the mind of meditation, non-violent activism is quite natural.  Interestingly, the path forward begins with sitting down. Sitting down is is honesty. The bravery to sit in the storm and the find strength of non-violent action within us. Dharmajunkies are committed to discovering a way toward compassionate wakefulness in the world by uncovering natural wakefulness within ourselves, finding sanity in the chaos of modern life.  So, you are invited to come to a group, open your mind, share your heart and hold space for others to share theirs. In Dharmajunkies meetings we suspend judgements and develop a “yes and…” approach in acceptance of our disparate needs, beliefs and traditions. We learn from each other’s process as we develop our own beliefs. We employ meditation, wakeful sharing, group dialogue, dyads, and non-violent communication in order uncover our basic goodness and dignity.

We partner with TheSittingProject.com and @AwakeNewYork.com and other commiunuites to present mindfulness and meditation based events throught the city. Please visit our home group is in New York City, Wednesday Nights 730pm at the 3 Jewels Meditation and Yoga Center, 61  Fourth Avenue, 3rd floor.

DHARMAJUNKIES is independent, unaligned and open to anyone regardless of race, creed, sexual identification or orientation. Dharmajunkies are what we become when you get here.

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